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Chinese Cresteds and Chihuahuas
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Silver Bluff Chinese Cresteds and Silver Bluff Chihuahuas

We have been breeding and showing dogs since the early 1960's
and have been blessed with many major accomplishments in the dog world.
We won the Breed one year and AOM another year at Westminster, bred 6 multiple all breed BIS dogs, won several National/Regional BISS Specialties, Sweepstakes winners,
Group Winners/Placers, 7 #1 in the country by breed, many, many Champions
and Purina Breeder of the Year by breed!

We started showing West Highland White Terriers in the early 60's.
When I tragically lost my first champion I could no longer bear to raise another Westie.
She had been a gift from my husband for Valentine's Day.
Her loss was heartbreaking.

I began raising and showing Italian Greyhounds with much success.

When AKC re-recognized the Chinese Crested April 1, 1991, we were there to take on the challenge. After visiting England and many kennels abroad
to see the dogs first hand we purchased a few select dogs to ad to our
American breeding program...the rest has been history.

Please visit our pages to view many of the dogs over the past 20 years in Cresteds.
I will be adding them as I find them in my archives. 

Our goal has always been to help newly interested ones as well as helping  judges, handlers and exhibitors learn about Cresteds. We conscientiously try to provide the knowledge,
only learned by years of experience, and with quality puppies bred by Silver Bluff.
We are well known for consistently producing quality over the almost
50 years we have been breeding dogs.

We also have been honored to give Judges Seminars and to
Mentor judges,handlers and exhibitors ringside as well.

Our Puppies and Adults are available to...
discriminating pet owners
the serious competitor
other serious breeders.

Thank you for visiting Silver Bluff and we invite you to participate in our blog!
Barbara Fischer
Chinese Crested
CH. The Duke of Silver Bluff

Breed System
CH. Silver Bluff White Mercedes

With difficulty, because of my age, we have downsized our Cresteds to make it more manageable for me.

We have retained, what we believe from our 20 years of experience in Cresteds, the best of the best in the Crested world. We have three breeding males and seven breeding/showing females.
We will continue to offer superior and consistent quality in the future
to the discrmininating buyer, on a small...but grand scale.

Of course, the patriarchs and matriarchs of the breed...
Ch. Louie, Ch. Sparky, Ch. Gucci, Ch. Moth, Ch. Daisy
...remain here at Silver Bluff in Texas.